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Monday, March 28, 2011


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

TRAVELING has become a huge part of my LIFE♥

Time Square
This was such a beautiful place to be at night; a MUST place to visit!

I believe we were in the NBC or ABC news building, and we took some pictures upstairs, BEAUTIFUL

Ripleys, Believe it or NOT!
This was one of my FAVORITE places to be at!

In Ripleys

Some Malaysian Restaurant in China town
This dish was called Roti, super duper YUMMY!

Time Square
It can't get any better then this!

The crew in NEW YORK CITY

You see that, THAT'S a HUGE ASS F21 -Time Square
(Four floors with mad ass & crazy security guards in suits and shit)


This was some scary yet funny crazy stuff!
Rare Pickled Tourists in Ripleys!

Time Square

The huge screen

World's tallest MAN!

I CAN'T believe people spend there money in this STORE, it's freaking CRAZY! 
Two story M&M store

Spider MAN on Time Square!

Our first day in New York CITY trying to find Chicken on RICE!

Welcome to NEW YORK!

HAHAHA, I hope you guys enjoyed these awesome PHOTOS!  They're so much more to share but I decided to only upload some...I still have a TON from Boston too but I'll think about posting them on a different website or so for you guys!  MUST VISIT NEW YORK AND BOSTON LOVES!

Friday, March 4, 2011

OFTD: Interview♥ Wish me LUCK!

ENJOY! I felt good during my interview, I pretty much nailed the questions!
Just waiting on the results<3 

My outfit of the day; interview look!
I hope you guys like it, I loved the combination of everything!

Will be posting up a video on how to create this simple look I did for my interview!  
Enjoy and I hope you guys stay tune for more<3

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