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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I know, I'm totally sorry, I meant to update my blog but I really didn't have time.  I wanted to spend this X-MAS extra sparingly just with my family & friends!  But you guys missed a lot, so remember how I told you guys a few weeks ago about a job offer my Husband was apply for, yes, HE GOT THE JOB!  I'm soo sorry, this is like a week old news.  If you follow me on my YouTube Channel, you should know by now! *YAY* Christmas recap: I went to visit my parents out of town and golly, will i miss my babies and family a whole lot.  I think I'll honestly be home-sick to the gutt until probably a few months after.  I've been hours away but never states away!  But, life goes on ;)  Opened presents Saturday morning and gosh,  seeing all the jolly faces of my loved ones was just soo blissful.  I just truly adore them.
...hours later
Arrived inlaws town and hung out all weekend long.  It was a long, tiring, exhausting weekend!  Driving the distance, cleaning the accumulated mess from everyone, and just overall, using up my engergy on great people I love.  Here are a few pictures we took (my inlaws +me)...enjoy!
Just lovely.
The lovely couples of the In-Laws.
Two sisters, (one is single, HOLLAR) 2 nyabs<3 

These are my lovey dovies; my In-Laws<3
This is how I spent my precious X-Mas, pictures are worth a thousand words!

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog and come back for more.

FYI: I'm in the process of moving, therefore I'll be MIA for a while!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I'm moving far, far away from the mid-west...I'm extremely excited.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My definite HITS/MISSES...(my honest opinion)

                              Tarte Palette-the jewelry box

What else do I have to say, the picture explains it all.  The color payoff in this TARTE palette is amazing,  What I like about this so much is that the pigmentation is worth the money and you don't experience any fall-outs which is a plus when finding perfect eyeshadows.  On top of that, it comes in colors of neutral to dramatic tones and you won't even have a problem blending these two different shades together.  It's a must have so get your hands on before it's gone.  You're buying this at a price of $52.00 ;) GREAT DEAL! 
Also, if you spend over $50 on, it's free shipping. So take advantage while you can.
FYI: As I was reading the review on, I didn't realize that the chain on the box could be taken off and be worn.  Being that said, the gorgeous gold-tone and black necklace is detachable and wearable.

So I told you guys a few weeks ago that I got this set free from my sister for spending over $200 (having a Beauty Insider card) and let me just tell you how amazing the products make my lips look, DRAMATICALLY PLUMPED!  I love it.  I constantly use the gloss and it glides on perfectly smooth on top of lipsticks or stains.  The set was free during the time we got it although you can purchase this set for $69.00 on Sephoras website.  It doesn't cake up your lips, doesn't make your lips look dry, doesn't dry out your lips but yet it helps enhance your lips looking fuller and sexier!  MUST HAVE for you ladies.

I've been using this product for the past two months and I'm finally out of it.  Let me just tell you a little bit about this product  before you purchase it.  Now, I have minimal blemishes which ranges from pimples, redness, scars and just over all, imperfections in the skin.  This Make Up Forever HD foundation promises a full-coverage flawless finish and I honestly have to say, having my skin type is hard to cover any redness/dark using this product.  But if you apply concealer ontop of this product, the coverage is great. The coverage is amazing for those who have flawless skin already but I would say it's more of a light-medium coverage.  It's mainly for photo-shoots & I find it a true.  Also the finishing look on my skin is a matte to dewy look, more on the dewy side.  On the bright side, this foundation is so light on the skin you'd ask yourself twice if you applied foundation! 
If you're one of the ladies who have nice, flawless skin (like my sisters) this product is the way to go.  My sister Maggie and I basically use the same foundation products (well sometimes) and I've notice the finishing touches on her skin is so much better.  You're paying $40.00 for 1.01 oz.  & this lasted me roughly about 2 months.  I hope this helps you in choosing the right foundation for your skin-type.
FYI: Has a orange undertone.

Natural FX Water Based Foundation SPF 15
I've been using this product for the past month and I have to honestly say, this foundations is very heavy.  If you're one who likes the heavyness of foundation and great coverage, this is way to go.  The first time I used it, I thought it was to creamy and to thick on the skin.  For most, thick heavy foundations are no, no's.  My sister bought this product for me at the price of $40.00 and she loved it, but for me and my skin type, it was just to much.  I wouldn't repurchase this for it being so thick.

Powder FX Mineral Powder Foundation
At the price of $35.00, I would repurchase this product because the finishing touches of this powder is wondrous.  Now I tried this mineral powder ontop of the water based foundation and it was so great. It felt really thick and at one point I thought it was really cakey combining the two. So I stopped and used this power alone or on top my moisturizers.  Great product, its' a must have.
Conair's-75 second fastest heat-up for the perfect style
This set is AMAZING!  I got this as a X-MAS gift from my wonderful sister Maggie and just let me tell you how wonderful it is.  Heats up so fast (less than 75 seconds) and curls my hair like crazy.  I've gotten so many compliments about my hair ever since I curled my hair with this hot roller set.  It's selling at the retail price of $41.00 I believe according to my research.  I'm sure it could be purchase anywhere since Conair is sold everywhere.  At first I had told my youtubers that I disliked the clip, but last night my sister had called me from watching my video that I had clipped the rods incorrectly.  So being what she said last night, I retried clipping the correct way and hey, it's true I was clipping it wrong!  I LOVE THIS.  Some of you might think it's so time consuming and takes forever to heat up, but I honestly get my hair done in less then 5 minutes.  Takes me two minutes to roll'em up, and I only leave the rollers in for less then 3 minutes.  Looks amazing!  Try it for yourself!  Something affordable for its' brand and worth the money!
(will post up a picture soon)

                                        MAYBELLINE Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation

I'm currently obssessed with this foundation being that it's a drug-store product.  It's so affordable and the coverage is amazing.  It's an all day hydration to the skin and I'm just absolutely in love with it.  If you all are wondering, I'm usually a NC35-40 in Mac foundations and I'm using the 240 Natural Beige.  Perfect shades and a variety of colors.  You pay from $7-8 depending where you purchase it and I would say, buy if you get the chance too.  It's super duper light, feels just as nice as a higher-end brand.

Monday, December 13, 2010

One of the many looks I enjoy creating; using my scarves as a creations to emphasize the look.  All you simply need is an ivory, cream, and/or taupe scarf and wrap it around your head in any style/way you want.  And you’ll simply achieve this look in no time. 
Okay ladies and gents, yay or nay!  I’m looking for a fresh, clean caramel highlight look and this is what I came up with.  Comment below and give me feedback.  Do you think I’ll look good with the light shade?  COMMENT. 
…for sending me a free Premium Travel Kit-Stylish in Black for a review.
$59.00 value
FYI: I am not affiliated nor being paid for this review.  Sigma was nice enough to send me a free Premium Kit for a review on the brushes.
Clutch Dimensions (closed): 7 x 4 inches.
Face Brushes: 5 inches total
Eyes/Concealer Brush: 4 inches total

Brushes in this kit:
Duo Fibre Powder/Blush - F15 - Medium size tapered duo fibre brush.Generates a natural look during blush and highlighter application. Mix of synthetic filaments and natural bristles.

Tapered face -F25 - Large domed brush with tapered tip. Ideal for application and blending of powder products, blush, and highlighter. Natural bristles.    

Large Fluff - E50 - Ideal for applying and blending powder products on the lid, highlighting and contouring. Natural bristles.

Large Concealer - F65 - Large synthetic concealer brush. Can be used to apply cream-based products to large areas. Also ideal for application of liquid or cream products. Synthetic filaments.

Short Shader - E20  - Flat, short, slightly rounded and dense brush. Perfect for precisely applying colors on the lid and smudging along the lash line. Natural bristles.

Small Eye Liner - E10  - Delivers a precise fine-line along the lash line. The length and density of the bristles are ideal for creating artistic designs. Synthetic filaments.

Small Tapered Blending - E45  - Small domed brush with highly tapered tip. Versatile, this brush can be used to apply and blend intense colors into the crease area. Natural bristles.
My honest opinion/review on Sigma’s Premium Travel Kit.
Tapered face -F25: I personally use this brush to pick up my bronzer/highlighter and let me tell you, if you really want the precise finish where it actually picks up the product, this F25 is the brush to go.  It’s a soft textured brush, neither harsh nor scratchy to the skin, although the bristles are very soft, I haven’t experienced any shedding; so far so good.
Duo Fibre Powder/Blush - F15: I used this brush as a blush applicator and I LOVE IT.  The bristles are just amazing!  You’re paying a good amount of money for the cost of one or the kit.  You don’t experience shedding, which I hope no to in the near future.  Picks up the color great and application is also a PLUS!  Must HAVE in collection.
Large Fluff - E50: This brush is pretty much multi-use.  This large fluff is a little big for my lid area but I use this as an all over shadow applicator.  Picks up the color just fine and you don’t experience any scratching to the eye.  You could also use this brush as a concealed brush since the bristles are large enough and flat enough.
Large Concealer - F65: Works as good as everyone talks about it on YouTube.  Although I’m not a big fan of concealer brushes, I love this one. It’s a must have.  It’s easy to spread the product and non-scratchy.
 Short Shader - E20:  I love this brush applicator, thanks to Sigma, I can really create a crease for a small lid like mine.  So easy to apply product on and not like any other brushes, it picks up the product and the finish is amazing.  It’s so worth the money and time in investing these brushes. 
Small Eye Liner - E10: Amazing eye liner pencil, this brush is so dense that your creations are so precise.  No worries on smudging or undefined lines. This brush does it all.
Small Tapered Blending - E45:  Everyone’s favorite blending brush, I love it although it’s quite big for my eye area and crease.  It’s perfect for those whom have a bigger eyelid or crease area.  Even so it’s a great brush and does wondrous in blending.  It’s a MUST HAVE, bristles are dense and very soft. 
btw, I love the clutch, it's soo freaking cute and trendy.

FYI: I am not being paid nor am I affiliated with Sigma Beauty.  Simga Beauty was generous enough to send me a free kit for a review.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Sweet DEALS & amazing news!

If you're still looking for great Christmas gifts & deals, take a look at these wonderful discounts and promotions to the furthest UPPER RIGHT! CLICK---->
Promotion will end in 7 days: December 14th, 2010.

So yes I basically got everything I asked for CHRISTMAS!  I told'ya I was too good this year SANTA!  Well anyway my sister Maggie had me as her Secret Santa and she totally spoiled me out, like she doesn’t anyway!  (I’ll have to admit, I’m a very, very spoiled child on my side of the family even though I’m married (;)  The list of things she got me: Conair Hot-Rollers, (something I’ve been nagging on the husband about) Synthetic Face Kit from Sigma (YAYA), also the Eyes Kit from Sigma, Lorac’s Box Office Sensation Palette, Urban Decays Primer potion in 6 different kinds, nail clipper set, and of course my all time favorite Lineage!  She is the BEST!
On behalf of everything, Sigma brushes are sweet and thankful enough to send me their Premium Travel Kit for a review so look out for that on my Youtube channel at:
I’m very fortunate to being sent two free pairs of contacts from to do a review on their two color contacts I picked.  So please stay tune ‘til the items arrive, I’ll be reviewing them on my channel. 

RECAP of my weekend:
I live about 3 hours away from my FAMILY so when we actually get together, us sisters tend to go ALL OUT & all the way!  It was great being with the sisters and FAM<3  They’re the best.
Sister Susan, Sister Maggie, (security guy), SIL-James, Me
Oh was it a fun night!

Left-Right: Me, SIL-James, Maggie
Us girls having a sister night walking around downtown!  It was a blast…at Perkins. Mauahahaha

All the YUMMY FOOD we had.  A few dishes missing but talking for 3 hours at Perkins made my day.  Cannot wait to have another night of these!

All the YUMMY FOOD we had.  A few dishes missing but talking for 3 hours at Perkins made my day.  Cannot wait to have another night of these!