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Monday, February 28, 2011

I can't help it...

Gold Glitter Peep Toe Bow Slingback Wedges
Regular: $22.99
Sale: $12.99

 Grey Velvet Tall Ruched Shaft Heel Boots
Regular: $22.99
Sale: $9.99

Black Velvet Round Toe Platform Pump Heels
Regular $24.99

Grey Velvet Round Toe Platform Pump Heels
Regular: $24.99
Sale: $9.99

Sand Velvet Round Toe Platform Pump Heels
Regular: $24.99
Sale: $9.99
Can you believe I got everything for under $55.00 with free shipping!  Awesome deal, I couldn't pass on this!
Enjoy my amazing steals & deals...

Smokey Purple Look

Face of the DAY<3

OFTD: On the go!

Outfit of the day folks! Enjoy<3

Sunday, February 27, 2011

HAUL! Amazing Steals & Deals!

 ENJOY MY LOVES!  Looks from the past few days I've missed blogging<3

Easy looks you guys can achieve, I'm in the process of making video tutorials on my YouTube.

Forever 21
Short Purple Dress size: Small
Cream Lace Dress size: 2

Mauve Top size: 4
Tan Boots size: 5 1/2
Black suede knee-high boots size: 6

My updated make-up collection in my new vanity set!
My new vanity set for only $20.00 and I've yet to decorate it to make it look feisty and fashionable that suits my personality!  This is a before picture, I'll update a picture when I get everything completed!  I've yet to get flowers, a vanity mirror set  that matches the black, and lamps around!  Give me clues on what I should do!


I'll be having a 3,000 subscriber contest soon so for that to happen check out my YouTube channel at & click subscribe!  I've gathered amazing prizes for you all, so hurry and make it up happen if you want to see what it is!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Affordable Haul: Steals & Deals

Grey Suede Granadas
Original Price :$44.99
Clearance price: $19.99
Additional 50% off : $9.99 no tax :D

I'm absolutely loving these
Check at your Sears, they have it in Grey & Black!

I'm a bit tired since I had to wake up at 4 o'clock am this morning, you can kinda tell in my eyes, a little sleepy ay!  Simple look with exotic red lips!  I'm diggin' the bold lips with nude eyes!
& SHHHHH....this is my secret to you....:D

♥GOOD BYE have a great day everyone!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

FOTD, Online Order & BIRCHBOX :D

My fresh natural Saturday morning look! 
Woke up bright and early around 7 am and headed out to the DMV which is about 25-30 minutes away, but not knowing that the freaking DMV was closed due to Washington's BDAY they were closed!  Makes me very impatient and angry when I have to wake up from my beauty-sleep for something that wasted my time.  Urgh, next time I think he should research there holiday hours! 
Very natural look that I like to pull on Saturday mornings!  Something comfy to wear with just my cozy Alpine boots and an over-sized sweater!  It's so freaking windy over in the East Coast!

I honestly only wanted to post this picture up because I wanted to brag about how much my hair has grown!  I'm super-ubber excited for Spring & Summer with all the different fancy dancy curl looks and dandy dresses and wedges, hmmm delicious!


ONLINE ORDER; can't wait to get them!
Grey Faux Leather Multi Marching Band Strap Boots
Regular price $36.99
Clearance price: $9.99
*I know springs around the corner but these boots are so cute & it's only TEN BUCKS!

Grey Velvet Round Point Pump Heels
Regular price $26.99
Clearance price: $9.99

*FINALLY got myself a pair of these, I loved my sisters.  So comfy<3

Sand Velvet Round Toe Pump Heels
Regular $24.99
Sale price: $15.99
*Finally a sandy/nude pump :D

Clearance Price: $9.99

*Hey guys, I'm so excited to to get these in, I will certainly do a video on what or how to pair different styles with these awesome pumps/boot!  Stay tune and I'm so excited.  Let's see how long there shipping takes!

BIRCHBOX; subscribe I've heard so many good reviews!

I know you all have heard about birchbox and last night I finally decided to be a subscriber monthly!  Cannot wait to receive my first box :D YAY, YAY.  IF you don't know what its about click here:

Take care InitialPLV lovers, I'll be back with more goodies I promise.

Friday, February 18, 2011

♥Feeling beautiful in this warm, sunny weather♥

ENJOY my lovelies.  If you're wondering it's glue to the left, it dries black!

My look for you guys today!  I didn't make a video on this but if you guys would like me to, comment below and I'd be glad to!  ENJOY guys, I'm very photogenic so get use to it ;D

Thursday, February 17, 2011

To create this look, I'll be posting up a video on it soon so stay tune for that :D

I'm a PASTA lova, if you follow me on my YT, you'd know!

Hmmmm....soo yummy, all to myself!

I think eating pasta every single day will definitely not help me with my diet! haha

All to myself.  Since the hubby works at a pasta employer, we get free pasta all the time! So yummy.


My outfit of the day today! I hope you all enjoy it, bye bye dolls!


This was actually yesterday but I guess I found a way to upload it on here! MUAHAHAH! 
So much easier for you guys! ENJOY

Neutral Look with a twist of cuteness!

Neutral cut-crease look for ya'll!  I'll be uploading a tutorial on this look on my YouTube Channel so keep yourselves updated...I haven't found a way to upload on here without taking forever!  But I hope you guys like the simple n' soft look ;D

I'll end the day with a big great SMILE. Come back for more as I'm trying to update my blog as much as possible.  Oh btw, if anyone of you know a good product for redness, fill me in! 
Pammie (InitialPLV)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bright, Sunny, Beautiful DAY!

Good morning everyone!  I cannot express how much I'm loving this weather and I'm sure many of you guys can relate to this.  It's about 30+ degrees outside and I'm sitting my butt inside, now that's ashamed :d I should be outdoors enjoying and taking advantage to the fullest!  OH BOY!  Shoot me in the head, haha.  I hope you guys enjoy the weather, take lots of photos and most of all, spend it wisely.  Spring is around the CORNER, YES!  Any who, if you'd like to achieve this look or would like to see my outfit of the day, check out my latest videos on my You Tube Channel!  I'm not good at uploading videos on here, so visit at:  ENJOY!
Pammie :D

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I hope each and everyone of you have the best day of your life with your significant other! 
Cherish your moments as they last and love each other like no tomorrow. 
Here is a poem I'd like to share; one of my all time favorites on Valentines Day!
Although Valentines is full of redness, I'm strutting in lavender & black.
What color are you going to strut in on your special day?
Fill me in<3
Baby I love you,
You know I do,
So please don't leave me for all I do,
One wish,
One Love,
I love you
As many of you may ask how I achieved this look, check out my YouTube channel:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


When I'm HAPPY, I feel like the most beautiful-lest PRINCESS on EARTH!
I hope you guys have been also following me on my YouTube channel:
Fit Me Foundation in Natural Buff
Coastal Scent blushes in the 10 blush palette
Elizabeth Arden's lipstick in Fiesta 10
Physicans Formula highlighter
Falsies from Ebay
Sephora's black liner
Line the inner eyes with a white liner (NYX jumbo pencil)
NYX Apricot cream shadow
NYX Taupe/Ash shadow for brows
& this completes the look!
Oh I love my life

Who doesn't like FUSHIA!

BYE GUYS!  ENJOY!  Don't forget to check out my YT Channel! MUAH