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Saturday, February 19, 2011

FOTD, Online Order & BIRCHBOX :D

My fresh natural Saturday morning look! 
Woke up bright and early around 7 am and headed out to the DMV which is about 25-30 minutes away, but not knowing that the freaking DMV was closed due to Washington's BDAY they were closed!  Makes me very impatient and angry when I have to wake up from my beauty-sleep for something that wasted my time.  Urgh, next time I think he should research there holiday hours! 
Very natural look that I like to pull on Saturday mornings!  Something comfy to wear with just my cozy Alpine boots and an over-sized sweater!  It's so freaking windy over in the East Coast!

I honestly only wanted to post this picture up because I wanted to brag about how much my hair has grown!  I'm super-ubber excited for Spring & Summer with all the different fancy dancy curl looks and dandy dresses and wedges, hmmm delicious!


ONLINE ORDER; can't wait to get them!
Grey Faux Leather Multi Marching Band Strap Boots
Regular price $36.99
Clearance price: $9.99
*I know springs around the corner but these boots are so cute & it's only TEN BUCKS!

Grey Velvet Round Point Pump Heels
Regular price $26.99
Clearance price: $9.99

*FINALLY got myself a pair of these, I loved my sisters.  So comfy<3

Sand Velvet Round Toe Pump Heels
Regular $24.99
Sale price: $15.99
*Finally a sandy/nude pump :D

Clearance Price: $9.99

*Hey guys, I'm so excited to to get these in, I will certainly do a video on what or how to pair different styles with these awesome pumps/boot!  Stay tune and I'm so excited.  Let's see how long there shipping takes!

BIRCHBOX; subscribe I've heard so many good reviews!

I know you all have heard about birchbox and last night I finally decided to be a subscriber monthly!  Cannot wait to receive my first box :D YAY, YAY.  IF you don't know what its about click here:

Take care InitialPLV lovers, I'll be back with more goodies I promise.

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