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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Good Morning BEAUTIFULS;

                                                 Spicy Gorgeous, someone once told me


              I'm on a 14 DAY Challenge to lose 5 pounds.
                                   [will update each and everyone of you from day to day progress]
*A lot of people think I'm crazy trying to lose 5 pounds but we all knows whats best for our body.  Excess fat that's unhealthy, toning and all in all, staying healthy is the most important I value about my health.  I have never struggled with weight gain ever in my entire life 'til now.  I gain and lose easily so this will definitely be a game challenge to keep it off after losing it. 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

                                                [ I'm extremely in love with the Husbands Android photo app ;) ]

NOVEMBER 12, 2011: I'm extremely excited for X-Mas who isn't right?   I have so many presents to buy yet and I absolutely cannot wait for BLACK FRIDAY!  It's the season to save and give so let's all enjoy and embrace it ;)

My baby niece Bella Vang arrived early this week so please welcome her.  She is such a precious little girl and looks like mommy and her siblings.  It's still very hard to really state who she looks like but I'm sure we'll all have the chance to soon.  She's soo precious<3   

YOU TUBE FOLLOWERS: I'm trying to arrange a give-a-way for my 4,000 subscriber mark but don't count on it yet lol, it'll be up no later then Thanksgiving weekend.  SO please watch out for it and I'll keep you all update on my channel also. (  You won't be disappointed in this give-a-way contest, it'll be based on my favorite hair tools/products and make-up products ;)