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Monday, January 24, 2011

Hi EVERYONE!  I miss you all and of course I decided to blog today, for once I update.  Lol, I'm so sorry if you're following me and I have absolutely nothing on here!  But that's why I'm blogging just for you today!  So the plants you see to the left here are some of the decors the Husband and I decided to purchase for the apartment!  Initially our theme was black and white, but with our tan carpets it wouldn't be so sweet looking.  So we decided to stick with brown sofas which our theme would be a combo of warm colors!  I really wish we could do the b&w theme :(    Back to the plants, at AJ Wright, they have a store closing sale and this is a HUGE butt sale, we're talking about an additional 25-35% off all original and clearance priced items.  These items are $10 and below.  CHEAP! So I took this picture and MMS the Husband and according to him, he wanted the maroon one which would be the middle one (a set of two) but unforturnately they only had one of that color!  So we decided not to purchase any for the fact they only had ONE! BUMMER!

And of course if you miss me, here's a recent picture of me!  I have a ton more which I'll upload in a bit here!  Don't forget to check out my latest videos on my Youtube Channel!
(When I use to be my very OWN MODEL!  I enjoyed it)
My DOWN-TO-EARTH Sisters!  NO one can NEVER EVER replace them!  I love them DEARLY<3
Through thick or thin, we stick like GLUE!