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Monday, November 15, 2010

★Soft natural look w/ exotic red lips

My simple day to day look to school excluding the super red-tone lips.  I normally pull it off with Rimmel's 900BP but I'm not quite feelin' it today! 

How to get this look:
Foundation: Maybelline's Dream Smooth Mousse 240 Natural Beige
Powder: MaryKay's Loose Powder Beige 0.5
Bronzer: Willi Smith Palette in Bronze
Eyebrows: NYX's Ash/Brown eyebrow palette
Falsies: DT natural lashes

Sweet Inexpensive BUY:
Some stuff I picked up earlier:
A generic brand Highlighter Brush $4.XX (Wal-Mart)
Rice Powder in Warm Beige $4.99  (Sally's Beauty Salon)
Rimmel London's lipstick in Pink Blush $4.XX (Wal-Mart)
Revlon's Pink Pout $5.00 (Wal-mart)

Frequent questions asked:
What Ethnicity are you?A: 100% Hmong : )
 Are you married or single?A: I get this question probably 'bout a millionx so I'm going to say it again, YES, I AM MARRIED!
What Camera do you use? A: Canon Rebel T1i EOS
Foundations I use CURRENTLY:A: Revlons HD Foundation
(I own 004 & 005)
-Make Up Forever Professional HD Foundation 155
-Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse 240 Natural Beige
Concealer:A: N/A
Hair?A: - cut & highlight by my amazing hair stylist!
- no styling products ( you all know I dislike hair products besides shampoo and conditioner)
- pantene pro v shampoo & conditioner.
- ALSO my hair isnt as dark as it seems on video, in reality my hair is actually a LOT lighter which it seems to run in my genes!
AND as for my haircolor, it's currently Black Leather in which I used L'Oriele Ferrier's brand ;)

1st winner: ExquiisiiteBarbiie
2nd winner: xxurplayerxx
Please send over your information as soon as possible.
Special thanks to all of you who participated in this very first contest of mine!  I am so happy that I got so many responsed in which I got to know you all so much more!   I am very thankful for that also this is not my last contest so if you didn't win this time, there is always NEXT TIME!  'Til then, keep posted.


I hope this is helping everyone by far, I'm also enjoying this blogspot of mine and is hoping to continue.  If you don't see me updating on here which I will be often, catch me on my youtube channel at:
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